Bathtub reviews consumer reports

Bathtub reviews consumer reports. Take some time for yourself with one of the many styles of bathtubs available when you want to take a break from your hectic life.

There will be something ideal waiting to soothe away any tension in its place, whether it’s an antique conventional design or a contemporary day wonder.

The Standard Drop-In Bathtub, which can fit into a wide range of places and satisfy a broad range of budgets, is ideal for individuals who want to upgrade their bathroom without having to make too many modifications.

If you want a practical and versatile tub, standard drop-in baths are ideal. This is a timeless bathtub design that will complement any style or room layout.

If you’re shopping for a new bathtub, you should think about your budget and available space first. There are numerous sorts of tubs available, including contemporary or traditional style, clawfoot, or freestanding.

Each type offers its own set of characteristics that may appeal to different buyers. Here are our top 6 picks below;

Bathtub reviews consumer reports

1. Boon SOAK 3-Stage Bathtub

boon soak 3 stage bathtub

The Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub is an ideal addition to any home. The newborn stage, toddler stage, and child stage are all included in this bathtub.

It adjusts for reclining babies or toddlers by curving the bump and shaping the back. It will also fit into most double sinks, making it simple to bathe children without having to worry about storage space in the bathroom sink.

The color-changing temperature gauge lets you quickly know if the water is too hot or cold for your kid. It includes a plug and drains hose, allowing parents to readily empty the tub when they’re done.

The most outstanding feature of this bathtub is that it features replaceable components that allow you to change from a newborn recliner bathtub into a toddler training seat and toilet in seconds.

It’s ideal for bigger babies who outgrow their recliners but still need to be in a little water.

The SmartTots Bath Seat, which is made by Tomy, allows parents to bathe children in almost any sink without taking up too much room. When not in use, the foldable seat may be stored flat.

The adaptable elements allow the bathtub to grow with your child, transforming from a recliner bathtub to a toddler training seat and potty in minutes.

2. Summer Newborn to Toddler Bath

summer newborn to toddler bath

The Summer Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower is all parents will need from the first day of their child’s life until toddlerhood.

The tub has four stages that grow with your kid to make bath time more convenient for both you and your baby. This infant bathtub features a pleasant newborn sling, which can be used as a sink or a tub.

After your kid outgrows the newborn tub, you may utilize a portable electric shower unit with a soothing rinse spray for lengthy periods of time.

The Summer Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower is the first and only bathtub with a motorized showerhead that may be used as an infant tub or a toddler tub.

The spray of water is gentle, and the height can be adjusted from 16 to 24 inches for your child’s reach.

The lightweight and versatile baby bathtub securely holds babies weighing up to 22 pounds at any age, making it perfect for a wide range of new parent situations including multiples, cesarean deliveries, and adoptive parents.

This child’s tub also has six stages of seat growth so that toddlers may bathe comfortably as they grow bigger and stronger! The infant sling can hold youngsters from 5 to 22 lbs., while the toddler insert can hold children 25-50 lbs.

3. Summer Clean Rinse Baby Bather 

summer clean rinse baby bather 

The Summer Clean Rinse Baby Bather is designed to grow with your child from birth until he or she can sit up unassisted.

This newborn bather may be used in three locations: on the counter, in the sink, and in the bath.

The Clean Rinse recliner has a 3-position recline mechanism with easy adjustments and folds flat for storage.

Bathing on the countertop not only brings the baby closer to his or her parents but is also convenient.

This bathing support allows water to flow freely into the sink while keeping the counter dry. After your child reaches toddler age and can sit up unaided, you may use it as a regular bath seat as well.

This product includes a simple, comfy sling that is detachable for easy cleaning and an adjustable quick-release strap that allows for secure installation into any sink size or shape.

Product characteristics include: The newborn recline position offers optimum support for babies under 6 months. The fold-flat design makes it convenient to store.

It may be used in the sink, in the bath, or on the countertop. Attachment sold separately:

Tub attachment is required Three-position recline with quick-release buckle Detachable sling Easily connects to sinks thanks to adjustable straps Made entirely of plastic.

4. CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub

co z inflatable adult bath tub

CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub is a portable and convenient way to enjoy a soothing bath or shower.

The tub comes with an electric air pump, which inflates it in under three minutes, making it very simple to set up.

After you’re finished, simply deflate and fold it for easy storage. With this inflatable bathtub, you can be certain that your bathing experience will be as pleasant as possible.

The extra-thick PVC ensures long-term use while the thermal fusion technology makes it waterproof. It’s also non-toxic and lead-free, so you may take a relaxing bath guilt-free.

In fact, it has been tested and found to be safe for pregnant women to use!

This inflatable adult tub, which measures 60 x 31 x 12 inches after inflation, holds 66 gallons or 264 liters! A 9-inch high rim adds neck support while taking a bath.

There’s also an inflatable headrest for leaning on the tub’s edge while bathing. Inflatable bathtubs are great for taking luxurious baths without having to worry about water splashes from normal baths.

The nicest thing about inflatable bathtubs is that they are really simple to put up. All you have to do is find the power outlet, pump up the tub using an electric pump, and turn on the heater for a soothing bubble bath.

There’s no one around during those times, and you won’t worry about disrupting anyone because there are no others around.

5. HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub

hiwena inflatable portable bathtub

The inflatable tub is comfortable and durable, allowing the family to enjoy a spa, bathe, unwind at home, and relax in their bathtub.

Of course, you may take it with you when camping outside so that you can bathe and play.

The internal inflatable dimension of the portable bathtub: 48 inches long by 23 inches wide by 17.5 inches high;

external inflatable size: 60 inches long by 34 inches wide by 27 inches high.

The portable inflatable hot tub may be used as a therapeutic bath for those with medical problems such as arthritis, bursitis, and lupus since you can stretch freely in the water.

The user’s height may be adjusted while the inflatable hot tub is filled with water.

Users should not be taller than the adjustable air valve of the hot tub’s center (approximately 23 inches). The weight capacity is 440 pounds. You must ensure that you do not exceed this limit if you wish to use it regularly.

If you want your family members to enjoy it without restrictions, you should invest in a bigger model such as a 5-person portable inflatable spa.

Customers seem to enjoy IWENA Bathtubs because this brand focuses on designs that will make clients feel at ease and comfortable while bathing, such as the inflatable hot tub.

The portability of this product has also made it very popular among consumers who want to soak away their troubles anywhere they go, especially when camping outdoors.

6. W WEYLAN TEC Large Foldable Bathtub

w weylan tec large foldable bathtub

The WELIN TEC WEYLAN TEC Large Foldable Bath Tub is a bathtub with the ability to hold water chest deep and keep a youngster warm for lengthy periods of time.

Folds down easily and occupies minimal area; ideal for tiny flats or trips. BPA-free, odor-free, and made of durable TPE and PP materials.

Can accommodate two children at once in an age range from toddler to Petite Adult.

1 in 3 mothers has high blood pressure nowadays, whether during pregnancy or immediately after giving birth.

High blood pressure damages a mother’s health and her baby’s growth in the womb, resulting in preterm delivery, low birth weight, and other problems.

As a result of this, Weylan Tec decided to develop a product that could satisfy the demands of pregnant women and new moms. Bathtub reviews consumer reports.

Weylan Tec understands the significance of a healthy and natural lifestyle in today’s family, which is why we promote it through our goods.

As a result, none of our products contain any hazardous chemicals or additives, making them safe for pregnant women and newborn babies.


1. What size tub do I need?

A soaking tub is a fantastic way to unwind after a long day at work or school, particularly if you’re traveling with friends.

However, determining the ideal size may be difficult because they come in various sizes! To get your fit, make sure the length (both width and depth) is between 60″ and 72″.

Also, remember not just how deep each end goes but also make sure there are at least 2 inches of space on either side for water circulation so nothing gets clogged up too quickly while in use.

Also, bear in mind that if you want to use a jet air pump or bubbler in the tub, this will add height and depth.

2. Are round bathtubs comfortable?

A small surface area to lose heat makes a round soaking tub better at retaining heat, keeping water warm for longer.

You may feel like you’re bathing in an oval rather than simply getting your body out from under the cold floor or wall tiles when using other kinds of baths.

We all know how much I adore my rectangular bathtub, but really…I could live in an oval! Using a round tub to soak and enjoy the heat of your hot water is not only relaxing but also saves time.

Aside from that, you may conserve water since around the tub allows you to fill it up 30% more. You will save even more water by installing a simple hand shower head in your bathtub because you won’t have to run the faucet.

3. Is it difficult to replace a tub?

If you’re thinking about swapping your current bathtub with a new one, get in touch with a professional plumber. It’s far more difficult to remove walls and set up the new tub than it is to drain the murky water from before.

A plumber is an expert in pipes, plumbing, and water heating systems.

They’ll connect the two systems, ensuring that everything works properly once installation begins; they’ll also know which tools are needed when working on projects like this (such as hammers).


Bathtub reviews consumer reports

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